Are you still confused where to buy affordable and high Sun UV protectable 3M Solar Film in Singapore?

Zenith Films specializes in Solar, Security and Privacy/Frosted 3M solar films for Residential and Commercial Purposes. We have wide range of Quality Solar Films from USA to suit your every need. We’ll make sure that our clients will get the best price in Singapore.

Zenith Films have installed different types of 3M solar UV window premium solar films for Commercials & residential properties in Singapore such as Offices, Shop, houses/homes & Schools etc.

Our solar film blocks 80% solar heat and UV rays to keep you safe and secure. We have customized solutions for all usage for small shop to bigger commercials needs.

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Zenith Films have been in this industry for more than 15 years hence many clients have engaged and support us for many years. Feel free to check our testimonial and facebook for our reviews.

Our staff is passionate about delivering excellent customer service. We will attend to every needs of our customer.

During the inspections, we will show you which 3m solar film in singapore suits your price & budget.

Call us @ 83282949 for a FREE QUOTE!

Call us @ 83282949 for a FREE QUOTE!

Anyone who is working or living in Singapore would cherish the idea of working under natural light. But as much you love being in sunlight, its heat and unwanted harmful rays can mull the desire within moments. Solar films, however, add a fresh air of solution to this problem. Zenith 3M solar films might offer you the respite you are looking for. These are specific kind of solar films with over 200 layers of films inside them that can reject approx. 80 percent of solar heat and UV rays from entering your space. The result is a bright, well-lit cool place to work in that not only keeps your spirits up throughout the day but also helps in keeping you healthy and positive. A number of health problems occur only because our bodies remain enclosed in artificially or poorly lit air conditioned rooms for larger part of day. You can now bid adieu to all such hassles with 3M solar films and take a step forward towards a healthy life.


Check out the list of 3m solar film Singapore installation projects we have executed till yet. We are a team of experienced professionals who offer range of services which enclose supply of materials, design, consultation, estimation and installation of window films Singapore.


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