Zenith Whiteboard Window Film (For Your Home & Offices)

Whiteboard film – Convert your glass panel to whiteboard film today!

Whiteboard film – Office meeting room

Whiteboard film – For writing and jotting down ideas to improve creativity

Frosted films – Alternative solution for whiteboard film

Experience our Whiteboard window film for your Homes/Offices! Contact us @ 83282949 for a free on-site quotation today!

Zenith Window Films’ – Whiteboard window film provides you a new look to your office and transform your wall or glass panels. This allows you to further express your ideas/things to do list etc. on this whiteboard film

Our Whiteboard Films are also Scratch Resistant with a measurement of 3H on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. On this scale, a material’s hardness is compared to that of a mineral. For this instance, 3H is determined to be of the same hardness as Calcium Carbonate a compound that makes up Limestone.

We provide backed warranty for workmanship/peeling/bubbling issues over this warranty period. 

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