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Zenith’s 3M Window Film


Zenith’s 3M film is designed to reduce solar heating effects. Its robust technology and durability keep unwanted intrusion at bay. Moreover, the 3M solar film price is the most affordable on the market even with its visual appeal.

Our 3M solar film in Singapore provides best rates with maximum sun protection. Moreover, Zenith leads with its products in Singapore because of the latest technology in solar films. Nanotechnology has improved the products. In addition, it made them more popular.


Reflect sunlight with 3M window film

The 3M window films are designed to reflect the specific kinds of wavelengths. This wavelength may harm us. Also, it reduces the infrared heating caused by the sun. Moreover, this helps to protect us from various skin diseases. Such conditions result from UV overexposure.

These multilayered optical films contain about 200 layers. Which work better at reflecting harmful sun rays than any other dark film. Now, you can enjoy the comfort of cooler rooms and well-lit interiors. Because light is not compromised for sun protection with 3M window film in Singapore.


3M window films for residential and commercial areas

Zenith is one of the biggest suppliers of 3M solar films in Singapore. We cover all residential and commercial purposes. In addition, they are also resistant to active shattering. This is how they protect you from any unwanted intrusion from the outside for Safety& Security Purposes.


3M solar films Provide You A Sense Of Privacy too!

Window films provide daytime privacy as well as shielding off heat. So, this makes 3M solar film in Singapore ideal for any kind of homes or offices.


Nanotechnology – 3M window film

The 200++ layers of optical films are based on modern nanotechnology. In addition, this improves the protection offered by the 3M window film. Moreover, the metal-free approach in 3M solar film in Singapore enhances maximum durability. So, the windows are made safer and more sturdy against outer hazards and heating. Also, it enhances safety and privacy.

Why Install 3M Wndow Films?


– Block Sun & 99.% UV Rejection

– Also reduce room temperature between 2-5 degrees (PROVEN)

– Enhanced protection against hazards from shattered glass after installation

– Multi-layer and metal-free construction based on nanotechnology.

3M Prestige Window Film Specification

3M Window Film

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