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3M solar films Singapore
3M solar films Singapore - Zenith Window Films

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Zenith's 3M Tinted Films

At Zenith, we offer top-notch 3M™ Tinted Films in Singapore, known for their quality and innovation. 

Our 3M Tinted Films keep spaces cooler and more comfortable, while also providing privacy without blocking natural light. 

With our expert team, you’ll receive personalized consultation and seamless installation, ensuring long-lasting performance and satisfaction. 

Choose Zenith for a stylish and practical solution to enhance your home or workplace.

3M Tinted Films Singapore
Residential & Commercial Use

At Zenith, we’re firm believers that both private homeowners and business owners should be able to ensure that their spaces remain cool, comfortable, and filled with safe natural light. We cover ALL Residential & Commercial cases, and we’re proud to work with clients across these areas.

Daytime Tinted Effect
Privacy Where It Counts

With 3M Tinted Films, you will get Privacy Daytime
Our 3M Tinted Films provide daytime privacy with just a slightly darker window from the inside, you’ll be surprised to see just how much privacy you have from the outside – even with all of that natural light coming through.

Types Of Tinted Films

3M Ceramic IR Window Films Singapore


High-performance window film that provides excellent solar heat rejection and reduces glare without compromising on the aesthetics of the building

3M Night Vision Window Films Singapore


Advanced window film that uses ceramic technology to provide superior heat rejection, UV protection, and reduced glare while maintaining high visibility

3M Prestige Window Films Singapore


Designed to enhance visibility and reduce glare, while also providing heat rejection and UV protection. Provides daytime privacy effects for indoor usages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you know that we are the lowest prices in 3M in Singapore for selling 3M solar films? If you want to spend more on spending with Authorized Dealers, you will easily pay more than S$ 400 – 1000 ++ more.

Save More Money with Zenith Window Films today in such a turbulent market condition.

The 3M solar film warranty covers any peeling, bubbling, delamination and discolouration.

Zenith Window Films will cover a warranty of of 10-15 years for fixed and sliding windows and 3 years for casement (swing) windows.

Place has to be dust free and clean before installation.

(Not under renovation dusty stage). If place is dusty and not clean, we cannot proceed.

Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) is a metric that describes the total amount of solar energy (comprising UV light + visible light + infrared rays) that is blocked from passing through the window.

When you compare the heat rejection performance between film brands, you should be looking at the Total Solar Energy Rejected(TSER) metric, and not just the Infrared(IR) Rejected metric.

A darker shade of 3M Prestige Window Film (PR40) can reject more heat than a lighter shade (PR70).

Do check on Total Solar Energy Rejected Specs Data.

Zenith Window Films – 3M Prestige Window Film provides Authentic & Bar codes to verify directly with 3M if they are original

As a company, we have the authority to decline any customers. It is our goal to provide Excellent Services to all customers with respect and sincerity. Therefore, any customers who may cause problems for Zenith Window Films will be subject to rejection at our discretion.


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