3M Night Vision Window Films For Homes/Offices

3M NV 15% Light Enter

3M NV 25% Light Enter

3M NV 35% Light Enter

Benefits of 3M Solar Films:

  • 3 Types of shade to pick for 3M Night Series Window Films. From 15% Light Enter UP To 35% Light Enter. 

  • It filters out 99.9% UV rays (Both UVA & UVB), the reason that causes fading of wood flooring or furnitures. 

  • 3M Night Vision Series Window Films provide a daytime reflective(Silvery finishing) effect on the outside of your home. It can provide some form of privacy for daytime filters out negative heat energy!

  • It rejects UP TO 90% of Infrared Heat providing a cooler environment

  • 3M Night Vision Series Window Films comes with 10 years warranty against peeling, cracking, bubbles and performance etc.

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