The man has evolved ways from a single-celled organism to the most advanced beings on the planet & two most vital components which are crucial for our survival are air and light. Mother Nature is flooded with natural light in every possible way but unfortunately, most homes have a severe lack of it. Research done by the American medical association has proved that mental health has a direct link with exposure to sunlight but at the time it may get a little too much.

We often keep our home well ventilated with lots of windows to avoid going into winter blues. The less sunlight and air humans are exposed to, the more likely they are to develop depression. But there is no need to worry as there are lots of opportunities to realign our perfect living spaces to bring in more air and light during winters with windows and same can be fixed to avoid floods of sunlight during summers. Let us see what and how it can be managed.

1)      Roof window

Roof windows are often used to bring in more fresh air and light to homes especially if you are living in a closely packed neighborhood. This is a window having an outward opening incorporated as part of the design. Unlike skylights, roof windows are designed to allow you to open and close whenever required to bring both air and light. If during summers you want partial sunlight come into your lovely home, choose frosted films that lessen the sunlight coming in without actually inhibiting it completely.

2)      Glass doors

By replacing wooden doors and furniture with glass doors we can bring in more light to our living space. Yes, we can’t do that to all our doors and since it may touch our privacy, however, there are at least a few places in your home where this could be implemented such as the doors of your study room or kitchen. Another alternative is to use translucent or frosted glass films which can let in adequate enough of light and at the same time safeguard your privacy.

3)      Use of light colors for wall and curtains

For better lighting, it is suitable to use light colored shades while painting your wall. Unlike dark or bright colors light gets easily reflected off from light-coloured surfaces. Light shades such as green, pink, white and yellow are known to brighten the room creating a sense of expansiveness which lifts the mood after a tiring day at work.

4)      Open your curtains and windows

This might sound simple to start with however we often miss how much sunlight and air are blocked due to our own carelessness. Making this a daily routine could work magic in your life. Throwing back your curtains instantaneously lights up your room rejuvenating every cell in your body to get you prepared for the day. If your windows are not private enough as someone may peep into your rooms it is a good practice to use frosted films that offer privacy without deterring the sunlight.

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