External Window Films

Exterior Window Films
Up to 85% Heat Rejection

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To Prevent Sunlight Enter

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Blocks 99% UV Rays & 80% Heat

External Window Films
A Cost Effective Solution

We offer a broad selection of weather-resistant UV films which can withstand outdoor temperature conditions.

These films reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the chances of thermal stress on the glass panels to prevent breakage.

This is an example of a mosque that is affected by sun rays entering inside.

Thus, causes the mosque to be very hot and increase the expenses of air condition.

External Window Films – Highly Cost Effective Solution

Zeniths Window Film offers a broad selection of durable UV and Weather resistant glass films intended for exterior use. Available in Frosted, Opaque, and Patterned external window film styles.

We are providing with a variety of window films that are providing different degrees of privacy. Zenith external window films are developed to offer the best quality and experience when it is about the performance on both sides of the external glass. There are different commercial advantages of using the internal variety of external films especially when you care for high performance and quality. The external films have an extraordinary capacity to maintain quality when the heat is high (broad range heat reduction feature). As a result, The external films are also capable to save energy while giving high-quality light.

Do You Know About The External Window Film?

Here is an example of External Films;

An external window film is a thin film of high-tech polyester (plastic material) that is glued to a window. It is made up of several layers of extremely special materials that are giving the glass surface very interesting characteristics.

Based on space technology, the external films appeal to architects and decorators of the building as it provides several benefits related to glass windows and glass buildings.

Benefits of External Window Film

The external films bring several notable improvements to the glass and benefit to the whole building.

  • Sun protection (heat rejection from the outside).
  • Ultraviolet rejection, responsible for discoloration of objects and skin diseases.
  • Reinforcing the safety of people by making the glass more solid, the glass remains in one piece in case of impact, limiting the risk of injury, it also helps to avoid break-ins.
  • Ability to decorate the glass with various patterns.
  • Privacy protection by making the glass opaque and the one-way mirror. Vision from the inside to the outside fine, but no one can see from outside to inner place. (Except at night).
  • Heat protection. Installed external window films to protect home items.


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Zenith - External Window Films
The Film That Lasts Longer...

External films block the outside heat while letting in light. 

Zeniths Window Films offers the best innovation of Glass Films in Singapore.

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Lastly, we provide our workmanship & solar films a warranty period against peeling, bubbling & discoloration.

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