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Zenith frosted films on Windows In Singapore

Zenith Window Films, Singapore is a company specialized in the installation of frosted films on glass since 2001. The wide range of our products allowed us to quickly recognize us as a leader in Singapore.

You can discreetly hide work spaces in a commonplace or hide interior with a wide range of decorative frosted Films. They will keep your privacy while maintaining brightness. They are also very suitable for creating aesthetic and discreet decors.


Where to use Specialized Frosted Films?

Specialized frosted window films that offer both transparency and privacy are all suitable for interior glass doors and interior window surfaces. Therefore, use our decorative window films in:

  • Conference Rooms.
  • Vestibules.
  • Specialty shops.
  • Private offices.
  • Outside windows.
  • Partitions.
  • Shopping centers.
  • Museums and public places.

Most importantly, our Zenith Window Films representative in your area in the whole Singapore offers the frosted films design service and the installation of all your projects

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Decorative Frosted Film Installation for Glazed Spaces and Office Towers

At Zenith Window Films, we provide frosted decorative film as well as frosted film installation for all types of glass and glazing. Residential or for commercial installation, the frosted film are very popular in glazed spaces and office towers because of its many advantages such as beautifying our premises without compromising the layout.

You can how a simple band of frosted films matched with the image of the company makes the work environment much more pleasing to the eye. In addition, opacity more or less high, according to your criteria makes the spaces without real walls much more discreet without the feeling of suffocation that provides walls or drywalls small rooms.

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Installation of Frosted Decorative Film for Commercial Spaces

We also have a whole range of frosted film to dress the windows of your commercial spaces. The possibilities are limitless. Whether you want to completely cover with a semi-frosted film to prevent people from seeing inside or even, longitudinal strips placed at strategic locations can make the places more intimate and at the same time much more aesthetic.

Frosted decorative film installation is simple and you do not have to interrupt your work or close your premises during the process. Please note that the terms frosted film and frosted films are both used to signify the same product, they are part of the decorative film family.


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