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Elegant Frosted Glass Sticker Designs

Elevate the style of your home or office with our wide range of elegant frosted film designs.

From classic to contemporary, we have a catalogue that suits any interior design aesthetic.

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These are some of our completed commercial projects.

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Zenith Films brings you a unique range of frosted glass stickers. It is most noteworthy that you can customize it for logo designs.

These frost films allow some light to enter the room while keep the base opaque to maintain the privacy inside the room.

Furthermore, you can always use these films to add your personal logo designs on your main door.

Moreover, you can use these frosted glass sticker when you need to mark some partitions for special purposes.

These films form a band across the window or glass pane, you can either use these for covering the complete glass pane depending on your requirement.

Are you thinking about the costs, stay assured, we work day in day out to bring you best products for most pocket-friendly prices.

For any further queries or questions feel free to send us a message and certainly we will happily assist you in all possible ways.

These are some designs for frosted glass sticker, leaving a clear see-through pattern, so you can still see out.

Do you know that frosted window film cut-out frosted glass stickers are ideal for partial privacy?

You can use them for decorative purposes also. All the designs made to measure and cut using a computer laser cutting machine.


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