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Zenith Gradient Films are perfectly suitable for your offices as it’s a modern approach to both cover and uncover.  These films are just similar to top-down blinds, these are good to keep an individual space private without hiding the skies. You can use these Gradient Films to give an extra edge to your commercial buildings, meeting rooms as well as you may also use for residential decoration like Balcony, Bathroom etc. It is solely depending on your imagination. Furthermore, you can apply the gradient films up, down or side of the glass surface; depending on your preferred effect. So, it will bring an ideal impact or effect.


Gradient Film For Offices

Gradient Film For Customised Appearance

Gradient Film
Gradient Films Singapore

What Gradient Films Can Do For You Do?


Elevate Interior Design Lavishly:

Create a lush mood, express yourself and above all give a touch of glamour to the room with Zenith Gradient Films. Consequently, we have several ideas to make your house modern to sensational.


Make Complete Privacy:

Totally shield the interior of your home from interfering eyes or just obscure views partially. Also, enhance the level of privacy.


Block Views Partially:

Most noteworthy, you can use gradient films to cover from translucent to vague. Furthermore, you can make obscure zones where you need extra coverage.


Copycat Specialty Glass:

Improve your home with the rich look of finished glass; thus, minimize the problem and cost of window installation.


Diffuse Ruthless Sunlight:

Make the outer light softer or diffuse their harness. Certainly, you can make it splendid to improve feelings and make an environment thus create an eye-friendly background.


Make Design friendly Changes:

Decorative Gradient Films provide durability and you can easily install or remove them. Furthermore, users can maintain these looks until they want to see them.


Custom Gradient Film Vs Available on Shelf:

Is There Any Difference?

On the shelf gradient films are available in fixed design and size.

Custom gradient films are perfect to offer anything you desire. Whether you need to set size, direction, plan or a density, there will be everything with no limitations. Thus, the advantages of this type of gradient window film include the opportunity to cover or uncover up to a specific level or a smaller place as you’d like, with an own adapted pattern. Certainly, Zenith Window Films can successfully meet professional prerequisites with a custom gradient film arrangement.

Home decorators and architects don’t require restricting to the choices for utilization of conventional choices; they would now be able to utilize our custom gradient film to coordinate structural design splendidly.

Ultimately, Zenith has what you need. Consult Us and we will discuss what we can bring to elevate your spaces to bring YOUR IDEAS TO REALITY


Zenith Window Film a Reputed Supplier of Custom Gradient Film in Singapore:

We make, set and introduce custom gradient film to guarantee our customers get precisely the look, protection, and experience they need. Keep in mind, gradients can be any of colors, move left to right and shaped from any design.


Where You can Place Gradient Film?

These gradient films can be fixed to all glass structures almost on all types of Lobbies, Glass Partitions, Office Spaces, Retail areas, Sidelights. Similarly, you can use it anywhere to guarantee enriching security or to maximize tasteful appearance.

Custom gradient glass film can be used to adjust any size space. Most noteworthy,  we work closely with our customers on design to meet their requirements. Certainly, we beautify or renovate any glass surface to a custom-made show-stopper with diffused light transmission and required privacy.


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