Ask yourself, which one will you go for between price and quality? What if I said the film they offer comes with a more economical price and better quality? The answer is pretty obvious, right.

Of course, as a business owner myself, after installation, I request for the test again to ensure it is same results during the demo meeting.

Next, about less than 2 weeks, there is some issue with one of my windows. Immediately, I call the hotline, and without any doubt, they arranged for a meeting to attend to it. After checking, they replaced the film due to some overlooked issue. Best of all, they do it very willingly. The service men were also very warm and friendly.

After all, probably these are what we consumers want from a company, i.e. price + quality + service.

Last and not least, the solar film comes with a 10 Years Warranty.

Best of the best solar film seller in Singapore !