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Self Adhesive Film | Static Cling Films | Popular Design

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Self Adhesive Film Static Cling Films- Popular Design

Static cling films are really versatile in use and feature a decorative design when the sunlight passes through. These self-adhesive films are trimmable according to the size and shape of your window. They are reusable and removable, and they help to create privacy and offer heat insulation. They can also block ultraviolet rays and protect the physical health of films and increase their longevity. You can use Cling films in bathrooms, office windows, glass cabinets, kitchens, and rooms when it comes to application. Before trimming it, measure the finished size of the window. They arrive in so many beautiful patterns and colors that you can choose the one according to your preference and interior design.

Specialist for Several Decades in Window Films

As a specialist for several decades in window films, we offer adhesive film and repositionable film. They make it possible to meet all your requests and needs, and we help you choose!

The Advantages of Adhesive Window Film

 This pre-glued window film (protected by a transparent liner) is the most effective and economical solution to modify windows’ appearance, performance, or use. Adapted to all needs, the adhesive film is available in an exceptional range of sizes: decorative, solar, anti-vis-à-vis, security.

The window adhesive gives you very good durability and perfect adhesion to the glazing. This is the cheapest solution; this type of window film is ideal for large glass surfaces. The glued film allows you to equip yourself in a durable way.

The Advantages of Static Cling Films  

This glue-free window film sticks to the glass because it is charged with static electricity. This specificity makes the installation of the static film ultra-easy and foolproof. This static film can be repositioned; it is posed and deposited at will without leaving traces.

This repositionable film becomes a real decorative element with its modern and original designs. It is also available in electrostatic solar film. This is the least restrictive solution. This type of window film is ideal for small glass surfaces.  

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