Installation of Solar Films (Side View)

Installation of Solar Films (Front View)

Scaffolding Project

Mirror film


Zenith Window Films have installed different types of solar UV window films for Commercials properties in Singapore such as Offices, Shophouses & Schools.

During the inspections, we will show you which window films suit your budget.

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Look at our completed projects below. We’ve installed window films in Singapore more than 4516 residential& commercial properties.


Commercial architecture in today’s times has evolved to buildings with large glass windows or outer glass walls from bottom to top for letting in natural sunlight. Window films are a necessary addition to secure the amount of heat you want to let in your building. Solar films can reject up to 80% of the solar heat which will directly result in saving of energy and reduce the expenses of electricity required for cooling.

Sun’s glare can cause eye fatigue and a decrease in productivity. Curtains can affect those who suffer from claustrophobia, lower the aesthetic appeal and increase the bill for artificial lighting in the office. A smart solution is window films, which will solve all these issues and more. There are a variety of options available for commercial window films including reflective, neutral and mirror, which our representative will take you through according to your budget.

Zenith Window films has over 516 successful commercial projects. Our team of experts takes care of all your requirements.


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