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Nowdays You don’t have to hide behind heavy curtains or room-darkening shades for relief from the sun. Keep your home or your company bright and open to outdoor views with our solar films .

Solar films reflect away harsh UV rays comes from sun, heat and glare, also solar films  improving comfort and helping protect furnishings. Varying levels of insulation help keep energy use under control in any climate, too.

Zenith Window Films Singapore

Do you know that Window Films can reduce up to 95% of the sun & 80% heat coming through your windows?

It also adds another layer of safety as it is harder to break through your glass doors and windows. Instead of a quick smash and grab job, a would-be robber is faced with a window that won’t yield quickly or quietly!

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Windows  are the soul of a building specially UV films, and today’s architectural designs have evolved to reflect this, using more and more glass. While this satisfies a true human desire for natural light, it also has a downside: less protection from solar heat, glare, and harmful UV rays.

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Window Films as a necessity to reduce Heat & Sun for your homes!

UVA rays streaming through your home windows not only adversely affect your furnishings, but are damaging to your eyes and skin and may contribute to premature aging, and lead to skin cancer.

Window films enhance comfort and energy savings, intelligently marrying sophisticated features with a look that’s extremely low in reflectivity.

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Control Heat and Glare

Take control of the sun with residential window tinting. The only thing that will melt is your energy bill. Open your blinds, shades, or drapes and let the sunlight in!  Window films reduces glare by up to 85%, making it easier for you and your family to watch television or work on a computer.

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