Solar Film For Homes

Solar Film for your home

Imagine being able to leave your curtains open all day to enjoy the view while still retaining an element of privacy. Picture saving hundreds of dollars on electric bills every year because your house is cool enough without air-conditioning. Think about your loved ones being protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays while relaxing indoors. Relish giving your glass panels or wooden flooring and furniture a much longer lifespan without much effort. Seems like a stretch but it’s all possible with our Solar Films.

Solar Film For Home
Solar Film For Home

Solar Film for HDBs, Landed & Condos

Whether you stay on the first floor of a landed property or the top floor of a HDB or Condo, you can always take advantage of the benefits of solar film. We have helped many homeowners from all over Singapore and from all walks of life with turning their homes into a more comfortable living space.

Which Solar Film Is Right For Me?

Choosing a film of ours is easy. All you have to decide is the level of tint you want. A darker tint means more privacy and heat reduction, while a lighter tint lets more light into your living area. What about UV protection? No matter what level of tint you choose, all our films have 99% UV protection.
Solar Film For Home
Solar Film For Home

Solar Film In General

Simply put, Solar Film is a durable material that only serves to improve your quality of life, no matter where you live. It offers more privacy, protection from UV rays, and cost savings. At Zenith Films, we are proud to offer the finest solar films at the most reasonable prices. If you’re ready to take advantage of these benefits, contact us today! We supply and install solar films throughout Singapore.