Get our Premium Quality Solar Films for Buildings to prevent Sun DamageSolar Films Benefits

As we all know windows are an important part of any building whether is it residential or commercial. But there is a drawback of windows which is Sun Damage. Intense sun glare causes severe problems because of its unbearable heat. Furthermore, it allows ultraviolet rays (UVA & UVB) to enter the building which can cause severe skin problems (dry skin, skin cancer, rashes, sunburn etc.)

Solar Films can Save your Six Problems very Easily:

Privacy Protection

Anti UVA & UVB

Save Energy

Increase Safety

Protect Your Eyes

Building Decoration

To prevent yourself from all of the above-mentioned problems you need to contact Zenith Window Films right away. Now you should not worry about the replacement of your untreated windows with Zenith. Our dedicated team and group of professionals are always ready to provide you an extraordinary solar window film solution in Singapore for both residential and commercial purposes.

Solar Control Film To Block 99.9% UVA & UVB Rays

It’s time to say Goodbye to heat and intense sun glare for always. Are you feeling sick or are you completely fed up with getting toasted inside the building? Zenith Window Films offer Solar Films Singapore for buildings to control heat and glare completely. Our premium quality solar films will definitely through away the uncomfortable sun glare and block harmful ultraviolet rays (UVA & UVB).

Solar Films Singapore For Strong Harmful Sun UV

Reduce up to 99.9% UV Rays today. Do you know the UV rays are getting stronger over the years? Hence, we are facing a global warming issue in this society, we have to start to protect our area from these harmful UV rays that may pose a threat to our lives if we do not take action.

Install Zenith Solar Films For Singapore tropical climate and feel the impact it can give to you and your loved ones. We assure you that our prices are reasonably priced, without compromising on the quality of the product!