Zenith Sputter Series

Sputter Series Window Film
Sputter Series Window Films
Sputter Series Window Film
Sputter Series Window Film
Sputter Series Window Film
Sputter Series Window Film
Sputter Series Window FIlm

Why Sputter Series Window Films?

  • Multi-Layered Sputter Series films contains metal elements that dramatically increase the Total Solar Energy Rejected(TSER)
  • Able to withstand hostile environments
  • Corrosion-Free
  • Higher Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) because of metal contents

Sputter Series Window Films are embedded with metal elements that enhance the TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejected) to peak levels. These are special kind of solar films that are capable of resisting all kind of harsh weather conditions. These metal contents are able to resist maximum sun’s heat and are 100% resistant to corrosion.

To make these films, we use sputter metallizing technology that utilizes electrically charged gases for dislodging metal molecules from metals like ceramic oxides, titanium, silver, and others. This metal coating plays a key role in reflecting solar heat and cuts down glare to a minimum. Metallized coats are highly reflective on inner as well as external ends, so you need not worry about brightness of your space. Zenith offers a wide selection of Sputter Films, you can take a look at below given images to find out the most suitable one according to your requirement. If you need any assistance, our team will gladly assist in the task. We are just a call or a Whatsapp message away from you.

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