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Zenith Solar Films – Specially Designed To Reduce Heat and Glare By Improving Glazing Performance

Zenith solar films are specially designed to reduce heat and glare by improving glazing performance. Applied on glazed surfaces, consequently, they bring the following benefits:

Zenith Window Films – Solar Films

One of our specialties at Zenith Window Films is the installation of solar films on your windows.

The solar film for windows and glazing rejects the heat that passes through the windows without reducing the brightness thus, ideal for enjoying the climate of our island! Heat-resistant solar films also reduce sunlight glare.

The Ideal Solution:

The sunny climate of our country, city or island is certainly particularly pleasant but requires us to protect our interiors. At Zenith Window Films, we offer you the perfect solution: the sun protection film for glass.

– The anti-heat film effectively protects solar energy;

– The anti-UV film, meanwhile, an action against discoloration;

– The sunscreen film also combines anti-intrusion protection by strengthening your window and your glazing.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Energy Saving Ensured:

At first, we move to analyze your specific needs, and consequently, we offer a free quote and no obligation to purchase. Be aware that you will achieve considerable energy savings thanks to this technique. This protection makes it possible to use much less air conditioning. Most importantly, many individuals today including companies and institutions have used our services and to be equipped with solar films.

Quality Products:

We adapt our offer for solar films to your needs thanks to a precise study of the latter while taking into account your constraints.

Therefore, for us, it is essential that our customers are perfectly satisfied and for this, we aim for perfection in terms of know-how and useful materials, which is why we only use top-of-the-range solar films.

Zenith Solar Film:

With solar window film, enjoy the light without the harms of the sun. When windows are very exposed to the sun, therefore, the heat can quickly become unsustainable. The sun protection film can reject up to 89% of solar energy and reduce the transmission of UV by 99%. The solar film is the ideal solution to effectively reduce the phenomenon of overheating to provide comfort improvement to the occupants of the home or office. Make the most of your windows while being protected from the heat. Find among our range, clear and effective solar films!

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