Tinted Glass To Block 95% Sun&99% UV Rays!

Zenith Window Tinting Solar Films can help to reduce 95% sun & 99% UVA & UVB Rays!

View our Tinted glass window degree range to see how it feels like with solar film installed HERE!

In a tropical region like ours, one should let in the light but not the heat.

Window tinting films have various ranges of tinting degrees to suit the appearance of your home.

The performance of these solar films increases at a higher pace as sun rays enhance their angle. In short, you get the best protection and maximum comfort during peak hours of the day.

The tinted glass film designed under our brand has been tested well against the perpendicular rays of the sun. You can rely on solar film for best results, lasting products, and most reasonable prices. For any queries, questions, or complaints, kindly use the below-given form, we will get back to you within a day.

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