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The Top 4 Advantages of Getting Solar Films

#1. Tinting Windows Blocks Sun & Heat + UV Rays
There is nothing quite as frustrating as dealing with a harsh glare from the bright sunlight shining through the windows.
When you don’t have tinted windows, the sunlight beats against the glass, causing such a glow to develop.
Unfortunately, that glare can make it difficult to see things around you, including your television screen or computer monitor.
If it becomes too strong, you may have the urge to squint or shut your eyes because you can’t see well enough due to the glare.
However, when you have tinted windows with solar films, the added tint prevents that glare while blocking out more of the sun, making it easier for you to see without straining your eyes.
#2. It’s a Cost-Effective Solution
Have you noticed that the cost of keeping your home feeling good continues to rise?
You may feel like the bill keeps getting higher as you try to remain cool during those hot days when the humidity increases and the sun is shining bright for hours on end.
If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to keep the home feeling its best while lowering your energy bills, window tint is the way to go.
When professionals properly install it, the tint can block out more of the sun to reduce the amount of heat that soaks through the windows, thus resulting in a cooler, more comfortable home without the added expense.
It’s not uncommon for property owners to notice a drastic UP TO 30% decrease in their energy bills after having their windows tinted with solar film.
#3. Enjoy a Greater Level of Privacy
Who doesn’t love the idea of having more privacy especially when developments are getting built so close to another these days?
Having solar films on the window is a must for those who want to make sure random people aren’t looking through the glass to see what they’re doing.
You can choose the level of tint you’d like to have based on how dark you want the tint to look on your windows. There are also designs available that offer more privacy while enhancing the look of your home or office building!
#4. Improve the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Property’s Exterior
Making a simple adjustment to the windows can have a lasting impact on the aesthetic appeal of your property’s exterior. In addition, having high-quality solar films installed makes the home or commercial property look better while increasing its value.
If you’d like to reap the advantages of window tinting and solar films, be sure to use Zenith Window Films, the leading supplier and installer of window tint in the Singapore area.

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