Zenith Window Films VS 3M Authorised Dealers

Why Choosing a Parallel Importer is Better than a 3M Authorised Dealer in Singapore

Welcome to our discussion on the benefits of choosing Zenith Window Films as a parallel importer versus a 3M authorized dealer in Singapore for your window film needs.

Zenith Window Films is a Highly-Trusted Parallel Importer of window films in Singapore, offering a diverse range of high-quality window films from various brands, including 3M.

 While 3M is a well-known and respected brand in the window film industry, there are several reasons why choosing Zenith Window Films as a parallel importer may be a better option for you.

Comparison ChartZenith Window Films3M Authorised Dealers
Country Of OriginMade In USAMade In USA
Packagin Of Box MaterialLOT Number + Roll Form Number provided upon requestUnsure
WorkmanshipEx-trained 3M installers with at least 15 years experienceProbably less than 5 years installers experience
Quality assurance1 to 1 Exchange within 5 days if found defective Faster product replacements compared to authorized dealers, which can take several monthsTakes up to a few months to replace etc.
May even push away liabilities
Greater VarietyWide Range Of 3M Solar Films Products (Ready Stock)Does not have ready stocks of certain film models
Installation ScheduleFast Installation within 5 daysMay take up to 2 weeks to install your beloved 3M Solar Films
Price MonopolyLOWEST PRICES IN MARKET !As High As Always!
Price ComparisonLOWER BY UP TO 30%As High As Rockets!

In summary, Zenith Window Films is a highly trusted parallel importer of window films in Singapore that offers a wide range of high-quality window films from various brands, including 3M.

For instance, a 5-room HDB BTO with 3M solar films from the Prestige Series would cost around S$1,100-1,400 nett with Zenith Window Films as a parallel importer. However, opting for a 3M authorized dealer could result in a price increase of up to 30%, adding an estimated S$400 more to the total cost.

Choose Zenith Window Films for a more affordable option without compromising on quality.

Compared to 3M authorized dealers, Zenith Window Films provides customers with more options, faster product replacements, more competitive pricing, and faster installation services.

Our team of experts also provides professional advice and guidance to help customers make informed decisions.

With our excellent customer service and high-quality products, Zenith Window Films is the clear choice for customers looking for reliable and cost-effective window film solutions in Singapore.

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