3M Advanced
Nano-Ceramic Technology

Zenith's 3M Ceramic IR Films Singapore

Singapore is a fun place to visit and live. However, scorching heat makes it a bit challenging for the residents and visitors. To handle this situation people adopt Different techniques and procedures which are sometimes more expensive on the pocket. The Zenith Window Films store offers you an amazing solution that is the blessing of modern Research and has all the capabilities of keeping you in a perfectly comfortable environment. This store brings you the 3M Ceramic IR Film Singapore.

The 3M ceramic infrared film can beat the heat and make your home more comfortable. These modern films are equipped with many other features so you should consider taking an overview before making a Purchase Decision.

3M Ceramic IR Films

IR Blockage , Cool Interior

If you live in a hot area then you should surely use ceramic tints. Certainly, these not only block 95% Infrared Light rays but also cause the temperature of your car or place to drop (saves the AC bills). It will make your home much Cooler Than You Can Imagine. To make your wallet happy you can place your order from Zenith Window Films using 3M Ceramic IR Films.

UV Protection/ Blockage

No matter how pro. you are, sun glare always makes the driving dangerous. The dazzling sun sometimes offers really high or variable intensity to the eyes. It causes eye strain leading to accidents and poor eyesight so such tints give you the perfect amount of sunlight that you require for safe and sound driving.

3M Ceramic IR Films

Up To

95 %

Infrared Rejection* with
Nano-Ceramic Technology

Reduced Glare in Driving

Un-tinted windows might be able to filter the minute amounts of UVB or UVA rays but their efficiency is in no way comparable to tinted windows as these not only protect you greatly against such rays but also save your car etc. from fading under sunlight. A high-quality tinted window will be able to block at least 99% of harmful rays.

3M Ceramic IR Films Singapore

Zero signal Interference
3M Ceramic IR Films

The alternative option to such windows is metallic tint ones which have a great disadvantage of interrupting cell phones and radio signals due to their metal particles. 

 No matter if you are using ceramic window tint in your office, vehicle, or home, your calls, etc. It will have no disturbance at all and added safety will be there.

Privacy and Protection
3M Ceramic IR Films

Tinted windows give your place a nice look and keep your privacy intact. No one will be able to see inside your home, office, or vehicle at all.

Ceramic tint windows are also a plus point in case if you, unfortunately, face an accident, neither you nor anyone near these windows will be affected as these do not shatter.

Durability and Quality:

These windows might be a new thing to you but once installed. These will keep benefiting you as these have really high quality scratch-resistant material.

It also gives you a glare-free view for long years. These are not only durable but will also stay strong against any criminal attack, stray rocks, or golf balls.

These windows are not only stylish but are also secure and high quality. If eye and skin protection along with better privacy is not enough to convince you then you can also consider the cooler interior provided to your vehicles or living/ working places.

You should consider 3M Ceramic IR Films Today!

1- With the use of nano-ceramic Technology, the infrared heat energy is absorbed in the 3M ceramic IR Films and it avoids entering this energy into the cabin. With this absorption of infrared energy, the car cabin temperature doesn’t Rise and makes a comfortable environment for all.

2- This film also has the tendency of rejecting the Solar heat entering the cabin. That can cause a sense of discomfort. The smart design of these infrared films allows the sunlight in the cabin without its heating effect. So, you will feel a more pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

3- You can install the 3M ceramic infrared films on your car windows and windshield without hampering your mobile phone connectivity or compromising your 5G internet connectivity.

4- Another very useful feature of these films is that they have a very low value of the reflective index. Which makes them more suitable for oncoming traffic by not causing any glare into the eyes of oncoming drivers.

5- Use these 3M ceramic IR films can reduce the ultraviolet rays entering your cabin up to 99%.

6- Normally, we have to change the tint shades of our windows because sunlight damages their color stability. However, the modern design of these infrared films has no effect from Sunlight. Hence, you can enjoy color stability with the lifetime warranty from the 3M brand.

7- The manufacturing of these infrared films contains no metal involvement that makes them free from corrosion.

8- The sophisticated design of these films has a lifetime warranty for their optical clarity. So, you can enjoy using them for a long time without replacing or compromising your vision.

9- These infrared films from the 3M brand offer a neutral color. It makes your vision more clear and brings your eyes a more comfortable experience of driving.


These 3M Ceramic IR films have a bunch of features that make your living in homes, working in offices, and driving experience more comfortable and offer you a relaxing environment to enjoy your living. The Zenith Window Films store is offering you this sophisticated product in Singapore, so enjoy your shopping with us and take the pleasure of living in Singapore.