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  • With prices which can even out-compete authorised dealers, we offer the most competitive 3M Genuine Window Film prices in Singapore.
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  • We hold one of the widest varieties of film brands in Singapore to suit your every need and budget, spanning from our very own Zenith brand of films, to 3M and Nexfil USA.
  • Our combined knowledge of the industry of more than four decades has allowed us to become an established market leader and a fast-expanding company with thousands of happy clients per ranging from residential to retail and even maritime sector.
  • In order to provide you with quality assurance, we provide test reports and products specifications for your products.

You should install window films should ONLY after all major renovations work are completed (hacking and drilling) and before any curtains/blinds/grilles installation.

The condition of the site has to be clean and dust free; it provides better workmanship during installation.

During window film installation, please ensure that there are no hacking, drilling or noise involved. It would be a wet applications; Our installers will clean the glass panels with shampoo solution to removing stains and dirt marks before applying the films.

However you are still required to wipe your window prior to the installation as we would need to reduce the amount of dust and dirt significantly.

Water& Micro-fibre cloth cleaning is sufficient.

Please do not use glass cleaning solutions and newspapers to clean your installed films.

Zenith Window Films warranty covers bubbling, shrinkage, delamination, discolouration, and corrosion (metallic films). For up to 15 years!

As a company, we have the authority to decline any customers. It is our goal to provide Excellent Services to all customers with respect and sincerity. Therefore, any customers who may cause problems for Zenith Window Films will be subject to rejection at our discretion.


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