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If you are searching for a solar film supplier or window film supplier in Singapore so you are in the right place. Our company “Zenith” will provide you the best film and our professional workers will install them in the best way.

Solar control window films are comprised of sturdy polyester laminate stuff. They also include contemplative and flexible elements. Scratch-resistant substances coating one side of the film and sticky material ensures the film stick on the glass. 

Some solar films also comprise metal to enhance their contemplative quality. 

Films are stuck in the glass interior, so they don’t substitute the window. Here are just some of the elements solar window films can do:

  • Diminish heat accumulation
  • Heat protector
  • Filter and stop UV and infrared rays
  • Advancement indistinctness
  • More economical HVAC system bills
  • Give aesthetic design opportunities

There are different types of films to pick from. Yet, all of them diminish dangerous solar energy by incorporating it into the window glass.