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Window Film | Static Cling Film | No Glue Film | Bird Decorative Film

Make your simple window glass little tempting with the help of patterned Bird Decorative Film. These window films have a double-sided color design that creates a 3D effect. They come in different floral, birds, and geometric patterns. They look vivid when making contact with natural light. The main advantage of using this film is that it provides two-way privacy protection without blocking soft natural light. They are super easy to install because no glue is needed. It takes a few minutes to complete the job and you can also remove it easily without leaving traces on your window glass. You can also re-use it. Isn’t it great? You can apply this window film on different glass surfaces like tables, sliding doors, windows, and so on.

Static Cling Film Self-Adhesive for Windows – Apply the Natural Pattern of Birds 

Opacifying and decorative, these Bird Decorative Film are adhesive window film that allows you to hide the vis-à-vis while maintaining natural light gracefully.

Nature spirit for these decorative films comes in different sizes and is also available in custom sizes.

These bird decorative films are not a simple window film, they transform the appearance of the glazing and bring a nice decorative touch to your interior.

They stick directly to the glass without taking off again or rebounding. They are perfectly resistant to heat, cold, and humidity. These window films do not turn yellow or discolor.

Bird Decorative Film

All the decorative elements that make up your sticker, you can place directly on the glass, in one go, thanks to the transfer film. This transfer is to be removed once you have applied all of the stickers to the glass.

Our no glue films allow you to see without being seen, day or night!

After installation, the rendering is superb and the luminosity preserved.

On the inside, you can see what’s going on outside through the openwork elements; the more openwork the pattern, the greater the visibility.

On the outside; however, the view is obscured, the shine of the glass associated with the frosted sticker blurs the visibility, it is no longer possible to distinguish the shapes. The light diffuses uniformly through the stickers; we no longer see what is happening in your home. The reflections and the glazing shine do not allow to see through the recessed parts, small and medium.


Bird Decorative FilmBird Decorative FilmBird Decorative FilmBird Decorative FilmBird Decorative FilmBird Decorative FilmBird Decorative Film


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