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Polar Bear | Decorative Window Film | Static Cling


Decorative window films come in a wide variety of patterns and designs. This window film contains a mother polar bear which looks attractive and funky at the same time on your windows. You can install this film without any risk of bubbles. There is no need for glue because these static cling films are self-adhesive. There are plenty of advantages of using decorative window films such as decorative interior touch, protection from UV rays and keep your space warm in colder months. You can change this film anytime because they are super easy to remove and install. They also boost the strength of window glass and are great for your classrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, lobby, etc. If you are really concerned about privacy then this polar bear decorative window film is ideal.

Decorative Zenith Window Film Singapore

If you want to save your AC and heater bill, then you must install decorative films to your house windows. In summer, decorative films block 50 to 80 percent sunlight heat. They help to keep your interiors warm in winter and cooler in summer. You can easily customize these decorative films according to the shape and length of your window. It has a huge impact on your health and life safety because they protect your body from broken glass by increasing the strength of glass. Zenith decorative window film offers good privacy and there is no need for water or glue for installation. They are suitable for a wide variety of spaces and come in unlimited patterns. These decorative window films including polar bear window film are easy to change, reuse, and clean. You can also enjoy soft natural sunlight without any heat damage.



Basic Information

Product Type: Glass Window Film

Material: Eco-Friendly PVC, Waterproof, Fastness

Color: The actual color is lighter than the display image.

Lifetime: 8-10 Years

Technique: Digital Printing

Suitable: Windows, Sliding Doors, Smooth Surface.

Features: Static cling without glue and reusable


*Regular Size:

1:45x60cm(W x H)/17.72″ x 23.62″

2:60x90cm(W x H)/23.62″ x 35.43″

3:90x120cm(W x H)/35.43″x 47.24″


BLT1105_01BLT1105_03Decorative Window Film BLT1105_04Decorative Window FilmBLT1105_06BLT1105_07BLT1105_08Decorative Window Film

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