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Our assurance to all customers that we provide the best prices in Singapore! Therefore, we give Value for every penny spent with us.
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We believe in the power of Humility. Whether we’re working with high-profile clients or helping those who may be struggling financially, we approach each project with the same level of Respect & Consideration.

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Zenith Window Films Singapore specializes in Solar Films, Privacy Films/Frosted Films for Residential and Commercial Purposes. Made in USA Window Films for your needs!

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Most Importantly, Zenith Window Films Singapore have been in this window films industry for more than 20 years. Feel free to check our testimonial and FACEBOOK for our reviews.

Zenith Window Films Singapore

Keep your home or commercial property comfortable throughout the year by getting durable, long-lasting film installed on the windows. We offer the best window film Singapore has to offer as the leading supplier and installer of protective window films initially made in the United States.

Zenith Window Films is a Trustworthy and Reliable company known for providing fast, friendly, and efficient installation services. Let us help you beat the heat, conserve more energy, and live comfortably using our cutting-edge products!

#1 For Reliability & Trust In The Window Film Industry

Our wide range of solar film and window tinting products have been proven to drastically reduce heat and improve quality of life,
leading to many happy and returning customers.

Founded in 2000, our experience and commitment in the field of solar film and window tinting has enabled us to grow into
Singapore’s No.1 provider of such services.

It is an accomplishment we take pride in and hope to build on well into the future.

We have also taken our expertise beyond the boundaries of solar film and window tinting.

We possess a wide range of frosted, blackout, decorative and 3M Solar Films Singapore that better suit your needs.

If you’re looking for some color and vibrancy, design your own decorative films and we’ll bring it to life for you, or give us
a rough idea of what you’d like and we’ll do the rest.

When it comes to privacy, our frosted films are perfect for bathroom windows or partition doors, and can be customised to suit your fancy as well.

We hope you find something here that you like, because we’re always looking to make life indoors better for you!

Protect your homes/offices from the sun’s heat & harmful UV rays today!

Zenith Window Films Singapore provides a One-Stop Solution;

Free ON-SITE Quotation & Measurement as well as lucrative packages for installation!

Customers can view our GALLERY for past project pictures references so that they can have a better idea of how the installation of films can help improve their lives.

Zenith Window Films Singapore

Our Humble Services

At Zenith Window Films, we provide an extensive selection of products suitable for windows of all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of our clients.

In addition to the vast 3M Window Films Singapore selection available to our customers, we also complete the installation process to ensure that all windows have the coverage our customers desire.


Check out the list of Solar film Singapore installation projects. Our experts have executed till yet. 

Zenith Window Films Singapore are a Team Of Experienced Professionals 

It includes from supply of materials, design, consultation, and estimation and installation of window films Singapore.