Frosted Film For Glass

Frosted film is a durable glass sticker commonly applied to windows to provide a much greater sense of privacy. It comes in multiple styles and sizes to offer customizable coverage for any glass window or door in the home or office. However, a few additional benefits of installing these films on windows make the investment all the more worthwhile.

Frosted Film For Offices

Privacy Frosted Glass Stickers

While natural sunlight can illuminate any environment, making it look brighter than before, too much of it can quickly become a problem because of the UV rays from the sun. Unfortunately, excess exposure to UV rays can lead to numerous issues, including sun damage, premature skin aging throughout the body, and sunburn.

Protect yourself from these harmful effects by having frosted window films installed. You can choose the level of tint you’d like your frosted films to have based on how much sunlight you want to see through the windows of your home or office building.

Frosted Film For Offices
Frosted Sticker Film For Privacy

Frosted film provides us the privacy we need. It can help create a partition of blur out effect. It helps us segment out the spaces we need to with the help of this frosted sticker. Frosted films still allow light to enter, without dimming the spaces. At Zenith Window Films, we help you install these frosted films today.

Frosted Film For Offices
Frosted Film w / Designs

We partner with industry leading film suppliers that offer a nearly infinite variety when it comes to patterns, textures, and colours. When you work with Zenith Window Films, you are guaranteed to be receiving the best quality products with a superior different design than others.

Frosted Film For Offices
Easy to Clean

Unlike traditional glass, frosted film is significantly easier to clean and maintain. Traditional glass surfaces requires constant upkeep to remove smudges, fingerprints, and streaks. Because the frosted film sticker is a textured surface, it does not pick up smudges and prints the way smooth glass does. Cleaning is also much faster as wiping the surface does not leave behind unsightly streaks.

Frosted Film For Offices

In addition to these advantages, when installed correctly, the frosted film can remain in good condition for 20+ years, making it worth the investment.  Protect yourself and your vision with superior frosted films designed to reduce energy expenses and offer more privacy.

If you’d like extra privacy, protection from UV rays, and hope to save money on energy expenses, get your high-quality, dependable window stickers installed by the experts at Zenith Films. We install on windows of all sizes. Contact us today for your free quote! Feel free to give us a call on Whatsapp at 8238 2949.

At Zenith Window Films, Do You Know that Frosted Films are commonly installed at your homes bathrooms/kitchen/glass partitions and even mirror. It’s easy to get a quotation today on how much it costs to install frosted films today. Call/Whatsapp Zenith Window Films @ 66815600 / 83282949.

For Offices Frosted Film, You can select from a simple frosting to complicated designs. You can even forward us the design that you like and get a quotation for that. Call/Whatsapp Zenith Window Films @ 66815600 / 83282949.