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3M Prestige and Ceramic IR films, Finding the Perfect Heat Rejection Films For Your homes & offices

3M Ceramic IR Window Film Singapore

Infrared Heat Rejection:
The Ultimate Showdown

3M Prestige: This king of cool throws shade like nobody’s business, blocking a whopping 97% of Infrared Heat (IR).

3M Ceramic IR: No slouch itself, this warrior packs a solid 80% Infrared Heat (IR) rejection punch. While not quite Prestige’s level, it’s still a formidable shield against scorching rays.

Do note: Infrared Heat Rejection(IR) is not the same as total solar energy rejected (TSER), although they are related. TSER gives you a more comprehensive picture of a window film’s overall solar energy blocking ability. Infrared heat rejection (IR) focuses specifically on the heat-blocking aspect of that certain light spectrum range.

Infrared Heat Rejection(IR) is not the same as total solar energy rejected (TSER), although they are related. 

Infrared Heat Rejection(IR)

Total Solar Energy Rejected(TSER)

Light Transmission:
Finding the Sweet Spot

3M Prestige: This film lets the good stuff in – sunshine! With high visible light transmission (up to 70%), you get the warmth without the burn. Enjoy the view while staying cool as a cucumber.

3M Ceramic IR: This contender prefers a bit of mystery. Its lower VLT (From 5% 70% Light Enter) keeps things private and cuts glare like a ninja. Better for direct and strong sun and wants more glare to be cut off.

Color Aspect Of The Films

3M Prestige: Not just a heat-fighter, Prestige is a fashionista too. Choose from a cool palette of neutral shades like charcoal, dark grey, and even blue-green. Find the perfect match for your car or home’s personality.

3M Ceramic IR: This one keeps it classic with a neutral charcoal or grey look. Simple and sophisticated, it blends in seamlessly, letting your style shine through.

Budget Wise

3M Prestige: Quality comes at a cost, and Prestige is no exception. Be prepared to invest a bit more for this heat-rejection hero.

3M Ceramic IR: This budget-friendly fighter delivers powerful cooling without breaking the bank. Think saving money and staying comfortable – win-win!

The Verdict: Who Wins? It all boils down to your priorities:

Maximum heat rejection and clear views? 3M Prestige is your Champion.

Privacy, glare reduction, and a budget-conscious choice? 3M Ceramic IR is your Winner.

Ultimately, both films are heat-rejection powerhouses. Consider your needs, budget, and desired look to crown the perfect film for your sun-soaked domain!


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