Zenith Whiteboard Film Singapore for Homes & Offices


1- Whiteboard film – Convert your glass panel to whiteboard film today!

Whiteboard film – For writing and jotting down ideas

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3- Whiteboard film – For writing and jotting down ideas to improve creativity

Zenith Whiteboard Film for Office Meetings


2- Whiteboard film – Office meeting room

Frosted films – Alternative solution for whiteboard film

Privacy Window Film Singapore

4- Frosted films – Alternative solution for whiteboard film


Experience our Whiteboard window film for your Homes/Offices! Enhance Privacy In Glass Spaces While Preserving Natural Light.

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Transform Glass Walls into Whiteboards

Find out how glass surfaces can be transformed the way you plan, teach brainstorm and learn. Create a whiteboard surface in any size with the help of our experts.

Zenith Window Films’ – Whiteboard window film provides you a new look to your office and transform your wall or glass panels. This allows you to further express your ideas/things to do list etc. on this whiteboard film Singapore.


Let Your Creative Talents Climb to New Heights

Our whiteboard films are Ideal for a wide range of applications. You can use for office meeting rooms, kinder- garden and schools including universities and many others. Even you can use it at home also.

Our Whiteboard Window Films are also Scratch Resistant with a measurement of 3H on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. On this scale, a material’s hardness is compared to that of a mineral. For this instance, 3H is determined to be of the same hardness as Calcium Carbonate a compound that makes up Limestone.

We provide backed warranty for workmanship/peeling/bubbling issues over this warranty period.


Whiteboard Film Transform Glass into Work Spaces

Are you struggling with a lack of space in your conference or meeting room? Are the whiteboards in your office or school aging rapidly enhancing your overall costing? Before you move on to purchase a brand new lot of Whiteboards, we suggest you consider the Whiteboard window films by Zenith Films.

We bring you a wide selection of high-quality films that have whiteboard as well as projection screen abilities. You can either install these on your old whiteboard surface,  window panes or on the inner side of your doors or room partitions.

A very cost-effective option, we can customize these films as per your requirement. You need not waste your resources and valuable time while flipping through bundles of whiteboard catalogs.

Just let us know your requirement and we will come over your doorstep to resolve your problem. So, renew your whiteboard today for least price and maximum convenience.