Microfiber Cleaning Towel Absorbable For Glass

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1Pcs Microfiber Cleaning Towel Absorbable For Glass 30x40CM

This piece of cleaning towel is highly absorbent and great for so many cleaning purposes. The material is really durable and high quality due to the superfine fiber. It is suitable for windows, cars, kitchen, tables, and the list goes on. This microfiber cleaning towel comes in a size of 30x40cm which is great for any cleaning purpose. The overall texture is really soft and you can clean your car window films, mirrors, tables, and countertops with this cleaning towel. The color variety of this cleaning towel is very vast and you can buy your favorite color. Plus, they are washable and reusable. You can also store and carry them with ease. So, say goodbye to old-fashioned and messy cleaning cloths and grab these absorbable cleaning towels.


100% microfiber, keep out dust, dirt, grease, powerful and quick to clean fog or moisture, etc.

Perfect for cleaning, dusting, waxing. Best suited for wet floor drying or for quick retail use and waterless carwash products.

Lint-free, soft, non-abrasive design that won’t scratch surfaces, paints, or varnished things.

Ultra-thick plush absorbs eight times the water of its weight and dries in half the time of standard towels.

It can be used for cleaning dishes, desks, crystal, mirrors, tiles, windows, cars, hands, dishes etc.


You can buy these cleaning towels from Zenith Window Films Singapore.


Product: Microfiber Cleaning Towel

Color: Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Orange

Material: Superfine Fibre

Size: About 30*40cm/11.8*15.7inch

Suit for: Kitchen, Tables, Windows, Cars and so on

Package Includes: 5 PCS Microfiber Cleaning Towel


Microfiber Cleaning TowelMicrofiber Cleaning TowelMicrofiber Cleaning TowelMicrofiber Cleaning TowelMicrofiber Cleaning TowelMicrofiber Cleaning TowelMicrofiber Cleaning TowelMicrofiber Cleaning Towel

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