Window Films Removal Tool

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Window Films Removal Tool

A window film removal Tool contains a mini scraper with an extra blade. This film removal tool kit is used to remove window films without leaving any traces, scratches, grease, or tears. It is the safest method of removing films from your house and car windows. They make your windows ready for installing the next film. From start to finish, they provide easy removal with high precision. They are even suitable for stubborn or long-lasting films. You can use them for both self-adhesive and glued window films. Buy this high-quality film removal tool at a discounted price now.

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100% Brand New & High Quality. Heavy-Duty Window Film Remover Tool. Highly Effective for the window film removal process. Made of durable plastic and alloy with solid construction.

The Anti-slip grip handle makes scraping projects faster and easier.

The head can be used as a hammer to hit things.

You can easily remove the blade and replace it with a screwdriver.


Package Included:

1pcs x Long Handle Wall Scraper

10pcs x Scraper Blade

1pcs x Long Handle Wall Scraper1pcs x Long Handle Wall Scraper1pcs x Long Handle Wall Scraper1pcs x Long Handle Wall Scraper


Window Films Removal Tool

This professional Window Films Removal Tool comes with 10 replaceable blades. You can effortlessly clean even large glass surfaces and remove large dirt particles easily. It includes paint residue, adhesive residue, and dust before the scheduled film installation

Features: 15cm wide and interchangeable blade (sharp side and blunt side), sturdy handle with protective rubber cap (together with the cap, so it is also possible to pre-clean the glass surface)

Be sure to wet the glass surface before using your glass scraper!


Use and Benefits of Window Films Removal Tool

Before using the glass scraper, remove the protective cap. This tool comes with a rubber lip. This scraper is perfect for removing liquids and window cleaning tools. To protect the blade and prevent injuries and cuts, replace the scraper protective cap after use. Please place the scraper flat on the glass. The stable scraper anchor helps remove dirt without damaging the glass. The wide blade design allows the scraper to remove fine and stubborn dirt from glass in no time. You can replace the blades as needed.

For a brilliant cleaning result, use the glass scraper in combination with a neutral surface cleaner. The glass is then perfectly prepared for mounting the film.

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