We offer 3M Night Vision Window Films for Homes/Offices

3M Night Vision Films are darker in the tinting series than the 3M Prestige Window Films.  Fifteen to thirty-five percent of the light passes through the 3M Night Vision Window Films. This depends on the three variations provided to control infrared heating. In addition, it filters out all kinds of harmful ultraviolet waves including the ninety-nine percent of UVA and UVB waves. Moreover, they may result in complicated and harmful skin conditions.

3M NV 15

15% Light Enter

3M NV 25

25% Light Enter

3M NV35

35% Light Enter

They have the useful property that prevents the wooden furniture and appliances from fading. In addition, when Ultraviolet waves are controlled, wooden items in the house last longer. It may include wooden flooring in most cases. Also, the 3M Night Vision Window Films prevent overheating in the room. Less heat enters the room.

They keep the room cooler and a lot more comfortable. 3M Night Vision window Films hold back and deflect up to Ninety Percent of infrared waves. Moreover, it is a lot healthier for the occupants of the room in the long run. Some also believe that overexposure to these unhealthy sunrays can have a bad impact. Moreover, it also helps reduce glare and eye discomfort as well.

3M Night Vision films are highly effective at reflecting unwanted sunlight. They provide a daytime reflective effect on the outside of the window. This appears as a silvery finish on the outer window surface. It helps to increase the privacy of the home.

There is also a ten years warranty against any damage to the window films. The warranty helps to replace the window films when they begin to tear away or when they start peeling. It also guarantees you the warranty against air bubbles or air pockets between the window film and the surface.


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