Dichroic Film creates a new Feature!

Dichroic film finishes provide a unique way of adding colour into your indoor. Also, they create a visual of ever-changing colours to the interior building glass surfaces. Technically, the 3M dichroic film adds an aesthetic and decorative element in your interior. Moreover, this is very much similar to the actual dichroic glass. It also allows you to colour any glass surface. And turn it into a writable dry erase surface. This is the collaboration of products you should be excited about.

Dichroic Film creating artistic appeal

Moreover, the dichroic film adds a creative touch to your interiors. Glass is used a lot in the modern interior designs and architecture. This is why we provide you a way to turn the sterile environment into a lively and colourful place where you can sit and relax. In addition, our coloured glass film product is similar to high-end decorative windows. It also copies and mimics the shimmering aspect of dichroic glass. This makes your room more visually appealing.

Dichroic Film changing colours at angles

The substrate colour affects the dichroic film substrate. This leads to a dual colour effect on the transparent surface. This is easily apparent when this colour film is viewed from different angles. Visible colour changes simply with the angle change. Another unique thing about the dichroic film is that the transmitted colours are different from the reflective colours. A transparent surface plays a big role in this. Our unique product film comes in two variations. One has a blue and gold appearance while the other has a copper and bronze appearance.


Affordable and neat Dichroic Film

Our company’s expertise in adhesives and sticking ensures that these dichroic films stick fast and accurately. When applied properly, they look beautiful and neat. Our films are particularly famous for being durable and long lasting. These films adhere easily to glass surfaces and provide a beautiful appearance without extra expenditures.

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