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Effective Privacy - Genuine Quality Frosted Films

Our frosted films are thin layers with sticky backs. They adhesive will last between 5-10 years and made out of plastic for easy use.

Since our technology has improved in the past few years, our products have also improved.

It has an opaque appearance for lasting privacy. Because of this quality, people knew it as privacy window films and frosted glass sticker as well. Frosted glass sticker in Singapore has a similar finishing to the 3M window films.

We have different type of frosted films from one that allows natural light to enter to a total 100% block out type.

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Frosted Films for Privacy and Protection

Commercial Projects

Frosted films for offices
Privacy film for offices
zenith privacy films
Zenith privacy films

Residential Projects

Frosted Film
Residential frosted film
residential frosted film
zenith frosted film
residential frosted film
residential frosted film

Frosted Films For Better Privacy 24 hours!

The frosted window film is suitable for official and residential setting as well. These films are denser than any other films. This is why they are ideal for bathrooms as well. Privacy window film Singapore makes sure that your protection at all times. They are durable. They ensure your protection from unwelcome gazes as well.


Best Quality Frosted films at affordable prices

These glass privacy films have the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Zenith makes sure that all customers are provided at the lowest prices in Singapore for its frosted films. This makes these frosted films affordable for all people. They protect their privacy without the wastage of money. We ensure that not a penny goes to waste. The quality services are worth the price.


FREE Installation Services of frosted films for windows

Our frosted films are of the best quality in Singapore, but bubbles can appear when films are poorly applied. This is why we offer a warranty of up to five years if we install for you. Customers have great confidence in us because we provide them with the best one-stop services. Frosted film in Singapore can be used for temporary and permanent purposes as well. We provide customized services to our clients too. They can buy these films by the meter to avoid wastage.

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