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Choose from four different options for your privacy window film.


If you’re looking for privacy window film in Singapore, Zenith Window Films is proud to be your installation partner. With a variety of frosted window film products available for residential and commercial clients, you can count on top-notch quality privacy, along with an attractive look and feel that make your windows even more attractive – all while keeping your space intimate and private.

When it comes to your space, there is no shortage of options to keep it private, yet bright and filled with natural light all at the same time. Say goodbye to the light filtering blinds or shades and instead, allow your big, open windows to let in natural light, without having to worry about privacy issues.

Here at Zenith Window Films, our expert and dedicated team will work with you to find the perfect privacy film for windows, so that you can achieve a stylish privacy solution that doesn’t sacrifice the beautiful natural light that fills your space.

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At Zenith, we’re proud to offer an effective privacy window film that delivers. Our high-performance frosted window film is easy to install, and it delivers a stylish privacy solution without sacrificing natural light. This means that you can still enjoy all of the beautiful views and natural light that your home, store, or office has to offer, while ensuring that you can keep your privacy. With four different frosted window film products to choose from, you have an array of options available to suit your needs. For residential and commercial spaces, our frosted window film provides 24/7 privacy that you can trust. With Zenith, you and your home or office will always be protected at all times.
Nothing is more important to us than ensuring that our products are affordable. To eliminate waste and ensure that you get what you pay for, our technicians conduct free onsite estimates, where we measure and cut each piece down to your specifications. Not only does this help to make things affordable, but it also gives you the custom finish that you’re searching for.
Don’t forget, we’re proud to offer free installation with your purchase of Zenith’s privacy window film. Inquire within to learn more about what we have to offer.
There’s a reason for why we love big and large windows, because they fill our space with warmth and natural light. Why sacrifice it? At Zenith, you can rest assured knowing that your new privacy window films will keep your space just as bright and airy as before, but now with added privacy that keeps your space free from outside view. Perfect for all types of settings, our frosted window film makes sure that your space is private at all times.

At Zenith, ensuring top quality for all of our products is critical. Our frosted window film for windows offer a simple solution to give you more privacy, while adding a touch of acid-etched or sandblasted glazing on your window. Not only does this provide you with an interesting aesthetic effect, but it also helps to prevent vision through both sides of your glass windows.

Over the last number of years, we’ve developed a range of high performance privacy window film products that are easy to install, and offer a seamless privacy solution – all without sacrificing the natural light of your space.

Frosted glass film are window film that provides privacy by giving glass the appearance of acid-etched or sand blasted glazing – preventing vision from both sides of the window.

We have developed& provided high-performance frosted window film, specially easy to install and to deliver a stylish privacy solution without sacrificing natural light.

We have different types of frosted films from one that allows natural light to enter to a total 100% Block Out Type of opaque appearance for privacy for day& night.

Lastly, our Frosted Films comes with warranty from 3-5 Years!

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Zenith Films brings you a unique range of glass sticker printing.

These films allows you to have a unique image of what makes your retail/homes/commercial spaces into a brand new outstanding look.

Consequently, you can use these frost films or clear glass stickers when you need to mark some partitions for special purposes. These films form a band across the window or glass pane, you can either use these for covering the complete glass pane depending on your requirement.

Are you thinking about the costs, stay assured, we will work day in day out to bring you best products for most pocket-friendly prices.

For any further queries or questions feel free to send us a message and certainly we will happily assist you in all possible ways.

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HBC Unit 12-05A
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If you’re ready to get started, contact us directly and speak with a member from our team. We’d be happy to work with you on a project and a price that aligns to your needs. Don’t forget, we offer free estimates and free installation to ensure that your finished product looks and feels exactly how you’d expect it to.

We’re a dedicated team of professionals, and we’re committed to your satisfaction.

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We offer our glass privacy films at the MOST AFFORDABLE PRICES. We ensure that not a penny goes to waste. The quality services are worth the price. You are trusted with us always.

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We provide customized services to our clients too.
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If you’re looking for affordable privacy window film in Singapore, Zenith offers the most affordable solution around. Not a single penny will go to waste, and the level of quality that you’ll quickly see is worth its weight in gold.

Not to mention, we also offer free installation services when you shop with us. So, contact us today to learn more about our products and to set up an on-site estimate.