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One-Way Mirror Window Film (Daytime Only)

It would be a very wonderful experience in viewing the beautiful flowers outside in your garden or a full view of the city from your window without even letting anybody see you. One-way mirror film works exactly in this way and makes your room look like a police interrogation room which is a perfect option for daytime HDB Corridor Window Privacy. Additionally, this option also allows protecting your room from direct sunlight that may sneak through the window glass and rejecting almost 84% of total solar energy as well as 99% of harmful UV rays.

HDB Corridor window films
HDB Corridor window films

HDB Corridor Window Privacy

Whether you are living on the ground floor or on the topmost floor of your building. The feeling that you are being watched or can be seen easily by the neighbors or by passersby. It is a very uncomfortable thought and nobody would want this to happen.

Following are some of the best solutions which are not only effective in providing you HDB Corridor Window Privacy you need. They are also very pocket-friendly and does not involve making any major changes or renovations within your house.

Frosted Privacy Window Film

If you are looking for an option which provides daytime and night time privacy. Frosted films are the best option available. These 3M window films are especially effective for walkway and corridors. Where there are continuous movements, toilets, and bathrooms as well as service yards where the outside view is really not worth seeing. The best thing about these films is that they allow sunlight which will keep your bright and blocks the view into the room even when lights are on. Another best thing with frosted films is that you can strip-cut it to make a small portion from where you can sneak out and have a glimpse.

HDB Corridor window films
HDB Corridor window films

Common Corridor Windows HDB Flats:

There are several homes that have a common corridor and the need for a functional and practical window is very important. Such homes can have sliding windows in which they can cover the lower half with frosted films. In this way, even when the windows are open, you will have the room for ventilation. You will get sunlight along with required privacy. This is especially useful for those homeowners who keep their windows closed constantly. Because of facing the corridor and the fear that their privacy. This HDB Corridor Window Privacy window design is very effective as it allows both ventilation and privacy to the homeowner.

Daytime Privacy | Tinted/One-Way Mirror Films

Windows are the source of viewing outside and allowing in light in the room; however, many times sunlight may fade the color or bring spots on your furnishings alongside curtains; window tinting is another best option to solve this problem. With the increased UV rejection properties, solar films are very useful in preventing fading of furnishings floor. As well as your curtains which increase their life. Moreover, these films for HDB Corridor Window Privacy are also designed to reject solar heat which not only saves energy but also makes the home a greener place to live. Breakage of glass because of an impact or any spontaneous breaking of window glass can be the most vulnerable point in your home. If you apply solar films on window glasses, you will protect the windows and you will have maximum safety. As it will hold the glass shards together in case of any breakage. Above all, it can provide UV and heat protection along with safety without even bringing major changes in your home.

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