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Privacy Window Film Singapore

Windows are an integral part of a home, office or any building. So, As an owner or occupant, certainly, you would like to have privacy and safeguard at the same time. As the name suggests, privacy window film is a material that mostly consists of multiple layers. First of all. these products can provide assistance in controlling factors like sun glare, heat, and above all provides privacy. There are multiple designs that are suitable for summer and winter seasons. Therefore, these glass films can be firmly positioned on glass without any stress and hustle. Most noteworthy, the fabulous arrays of window films offered by Zenith Singapore. Certainly, these glass films give function and style to any window available irrespective of the size, width, environment, and locality.


Furthermore, hiding from outside eyes helps to maintain confidentiality inside the building; thereby it is protecting property and people.

There are several types of privacy window film.


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Privacy Window Film Characteristics:

Perforation Resistance until 64 kg

Tear Resistant until 43 kg / cm2

Economical Energy

Guarantee Up To 10 Years

Rejection of Ultraviolet Up To 99%

Reduced Glare Up To 82%

Several Colors and Aspects:

Metallic / stained / sandblasted…

Solar Factor Up To 0.24

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Films with Mirror Effect:

It hides the outside vision while maintaining the inside vision.


Sandblasted Films:

It clouds the glazing while letting in natural light.


Note that certain privacy window film is dedicated to security and it allows you to combine several benefits:

Reinforcement of glazing against glass breakage


Hiding outside eyes


Add Immediate Privacy in Minutes:

Certainly, you are unhappy with your see-through windows? Well, you don’t have to worry about it. There is a precise solution available for such type of problems. Privacy Window Film is an effective way of covering windows in order to get the required level of privacy. The quality of these accessories is that they give you the right amount of light by blocking any other access. consequently, these are one of the quickest solutions you can apply in minutes only. More importantly, these films are scratch proof and cannot be removed with professional skills.


Budget-Friendly Ways to Stylize Your Surfaces:

Privacy Window Film is a modern way of treating windows with an effect on privacy. Now you don’t need any kind of blinds, shades or fussy curtains in order to add protective value to the windows. There are multiple textures and designs that can make your window blind from the single or double side. It is most noteworthy that films can be decorative and original that can suit places like kitchen, bathroom, office or bedroom. Zenith Singapore is offering a well-balanced selection of films that features a vast array of choices to the potential customers looking for practicality and affordability.


Maintenance Tips:

For the total satisfaction with your Privacy Window Film from day one, follow the maintenance advice from Zenith Singapore technicians, film and glazing experts.

Professional Services:

Professionals of Zenith Singapore provide solutions adapted to your needs, locally as well as nationally, single point of contact, structured solution, calls for tenders, upgrading to standards … Contact us Now!




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