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Marine - Solar Film Singapore
Marine - Solar Film Singapore
Service Overview - Certified Marine Applicators

Zenith Window Films have installed different types of window films for marines in Singapore such as Yacht, Cruise & Boats. Choosing which window films for your yacht, cruise or boat will be a nightmare because there are many types of window films. Therefore our staff will explain in detailed during the inspections and show you which window films suit you and most importantly is cost-effective.

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Window films for marine transport like ships and yachts need a different kind of approach.

Survival on a marine environment needs harshest of coatings.

The toughness of nano-ceramic coating is a must for life endurance at sea.

The window films for marine must be efficient and glare-free even on the brightest of days and not reduce your visibility at nights.

Normal coating fade away or lose their efficiency in the harsh salt water environment. Also, the inside compartment of a ship or a yacht must be protected from heating up.

Thus the window films for marine transports are differently made, tougher to survive in a harsher environment.

Zenith Window Films have successfully completed installation of window films on 87 yachts, cruises and boats.

We are experts in providing protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays when you are at sea.

Our services are faultless as our team of experts provide you complete guidance in choosing the perfect window film as per your budget and requirements.


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