We want tinted windows, but not all for the same reasons. 

There are some key buying criteria that will determine which window tints you need.

The tinted windows will let in the light, but stop almost 100% UV and prevent dazzling. 

For Example: 

05 % Light = 05 % Visible Light Transmittance (Darkest)

25 % Light = 25 % Visible Light Transmittance

35 % Light = 35 % Visible Light Transmittance

50 % Light = 25 % Visible Light Transmittance

70 % Light = 70 % Visible Light Transmittance (Clear)

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Solar film or window tinting is a great way to reduce the effect of the sun’s glare and heat in your home or office space while also offering more privacy. It also protects you and your loved ones from ultraviolet light which is harmful to the skin.

Depending on the solar film you choose, you can prevent as much as 80% heat and 95% sunlight from entering your home, office, retail or industrial space.

Zenit window tint 1
Zenith window tint 2
Zenith window tint 3

We have many different shades of solar films to suit your office & house window tinting needs. Whether you choose a lighter shade to allow more light to enter or a darker shade for better heat reduction, all our films still provide 99.9% UV protection. There’s also the option for reflective or opaque glazing, allowing for more privacy.

Zenith solar film 1
Zenith window film 2
Zenith solar film 3

It is common to see tinted windows on large buildings but not at home, and yet they greatly improve the comfort of life. Solutions exist, both for existing glazing and for new windows. Thanks to Tinting Films, there is no need to close shutters or blinds to protect yourselves from daytime privacy. 

Also, we the films comes in different shades, from light to dark to suit your personality.

We hope all the information above gives you a clearer picture of how Zenith Window Films Window Tinting Services for Homes/Offices will grant you this feeling about wanting to install them today.

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