3M Fasara Cloud Gradient Films

Select From Our Wide Range of 3M Fasara Gradients

When it comes to stylish and practical window film solutions, nothing beats 3M Fasara gradient film.

With its wide range of options, you can select the perfect gradient design that complements your home or office interior while providing privacy and energy efficiency. 

Our selection of 3M Fasara gradient film includes various patterns and colors to choose from, ensuring you’ll find the perfect fit for your space. 

Trust Zenith Window Films to provide you with high-quality window films that are both durable and affordable. 

So why wait? Select from our wide range of 3M Fasara gradients today!

fas sh2fgar aerina

3M FASARA Glass Finishes
Aerina - SH2FGAR

fasara sh2fgim g 3M Fasara Glass Film

3M FASARA Glass Finishes Illumina G - SH2FGIM


3M FASARA Glass Finishes Illumina - SH2FGIM

3M Fasara SH2BKIM Black Illumina 1

3M FASARA Glass Finishes Illumina Black - SH2BKIM

fasara sh2fgcn CloudNarrow

3M FASARA Glass Finishes
Cloud Narrow - SH2FGCN

3m fasara lontano sh2fglo

3M FASARA Glass Finishes
Lontano - SH2FGLO

SH2FGTG 1270 Tsurugi

3M FASARA Glass Finishes
Tsurugi - SH2FGTG

SH2FGDM Fasara Diamond Gradient

3M FASARA Glass Finishes
Diamond - 3M SH2FGDM

3M Fasara Gradient Glass Films For Not Only Retails, But Offices & Homes

Zenith Gradient Films similar to 3M Gradient/Fasara are the perfect way to give your space a unique and modern look. 

With our selection of gradient films, you can easily create an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Gradient Film Singapore Zenith Window Films 1

Zenith – 3M Fasara Gradient Films are perfectly suitable for your offices as it’s a modern approach to both cover and uncover. 

These films are just similar to top-down blinds, these are good to keep an individual space private without hiding the skies. 

You can use these Gradient Films to give an extra edge to your commercial buildings, meeting rooms as well as you may also use for residential decoration like Balcony, Bathroom etc. 

It is solely depending on your imagination. 

Furthermore, you can apply the gradient films up, down or side of the glass surface; depending on your preferred effect. So, it will bring an ideal impact or effect.

Get the Best Quality 3M Fasara Gradient Films at the Most Affordable Prices in Singapore

At Zenith Window Films, we know that getting the perfect window films for your home or office is essential, which is why we offer the widest range of 3M Fasara Gradient Films. 

But that’s not all! We also guarantee the lowest prices in Singapore, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get the high-quality Fasara Gradient Films you want.

Gradient Films Singapore

With our affordable prices, you can now improve the privacy and aesthetics of your space without compromising on quality. 

You’ll also save a significant amount of money while enjoying the benefits of 3M Fasara Gradient Films!

Choose Zenith Window Films for the Best Quality and Value for your money.