Clear Film Series

Clear Window Film Series

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99.99% UV Rejection


Clear Window Film




It’s Like Nothing On It

High Clarity& Vision

Rejects UVA & UVB Rays

High Heat Reflectance

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Infrared Heat Reject 99%

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    • A new dimension of UV window film technology that boasts high Total Solar Energy Rejection
    • Multi-Layered Sputtered Infrared UV Window Films consisting of 270 layers
    • U.V Rejection of 99.99 % Total Solar Energy Rejected of 53~58% , Infrared Rejection – 99%

Have you installed Zenith’s Nano Ceramic UV window film? It is one of the most optically clear solar insulation window films. Most importantly, these are usually optically crystal clear composites. It keeps away infrared as well as ultraviolet radiations. Therefore, it will help in keeping the interiors cool and healthy at the same time. Chemically, it is composed of standard clear Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). These are coated with several inorganic oxide nanoparticles that are extracted from metal compounds. When exposed to sunlight, because these particles either absorb or reflect the complete wavelength band of infrared energy. Beside that Nano-ceramic window film is the world leading innovation in the ultra-transparent film.

There are a few particles that are also used during the developing process. These include metal hexaboride, Indium oxide, and tin oxide. Therefore, these are capable of blocking energy at 700-900 nm. The reasons why these films are used and preferred over others are because of their light weight and higher clearness. They also have the ability to let AM radio waves pass through them. Zenith Films adds another advantage to it. They are providing you these films at most logical prices. The below-given gallery shows all our installed Nano-Ceramic Films From USA. Ranging from condos to HBD projects, marine bodies, and so forth. The Nano-Ceramic Coated UV window film provided by us are capable of rejecting 99% of infrared radiations and 100% of UV rays.

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