3M Solar Films Singapore For Homes/Offices

Zenith Films is a trusted supplier in the 3M Solar films Singapore window industry. Using advanced materials have helped our products attain their distinction in quality.

With the help of a Window Film simulator, the 3M solar film let you witness the difference. After successfully operating in Singapore, our 3M window films in Singapore have perfected the window films that meet all the necessary needs.

3M Solar Films Singapore reduces 97% Infrared Heat

3M solar film price is offered at the most affordable rates in Singapore. The clearest 3M Prestige Window Film offers up to 55% of heat protection. It is a lot more than most suppliers offer.

This makes the indoors a lot more comfortable to relax without the bothersome heat. It cools down any kind of an office or residential room with lower energy costs. Heat gets evenly distributed along.

It helps to protect items inside your room that cannot be exposed to direct and strong sunlight.

Improved Appearance and Function in 3M Solar Film

Our 3M solar films Singapore has improved appearance that enhances views, savings and comfort. Without the unsettling glare intruding through your windows, you can easily sit and relax indoors.

It also improves the visual appeal of the room. The new interior aesthetics look a lot better than clear glass. Darker and shaded glass makes the room look more attractive and calm.

It also allows maximum UV protection against the sun. This helps to protect your wooden furnishings against fading. It also prevents discoloring in wood. Our products protect your wooden furnishings too.

3M Solar Films Singapore Provides Improved Day-Time Privacy

With reduced glare, frosted films and window films provide better indoor privacy. It prevents viewing inside from the window, the 3M solar films also has low interior mirror effect reflection. You can still enjoy the outside view at night. 3M solar films provides such quality products and has test reports to prove it.

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Clear Film Series


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3m solar films


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Further Information on 3M Solar Films

Do you know that 3M Solar Films offers honorable reputation& reliability in the window film industry? It is also backed with test reports to prove it can reduce heat in your area!

Solar Film

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3M Solar Films For Homes/Offices

Fight the HEAT & 99.9% UV Rays.  Zenith Window Films might offer you the respite you are looking for today!

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Lower Energy Costs

Do you know that the clearest film 3M Prestige Series -offers up to 55% Heat rejection?  After installing 3M Solar Films, hot spots that cause temperature imbalances are evened out, easing further load and power consumption.

Solar Film


Block Heat and Glare

Work, rest and relax without the bothersome heat build-up and disturbing glare intruding through your windows. Window films let you control the amount of light you want to allow into your room.

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Enhance Privacy Matters

Install Frosted Films for your home, increase privacy & comfort so that you can feel safer today.

Solar Film


Improve Appearance

Look brand new with window films applied on them! 3M Solar Films Singapore can compliment the existing look and design of the room, adding a more stylish vibe as compared to clear glass.

Solar Film

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Cuts 99.9% UV!

99% of UV rays from the sun that cause the fading and discoloration of your expensive furniture and flooring!

Use 3M Solar Films Singapore to avoid the effects.


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