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When it comes to your home or business, it’s important to remember that natural light plays a major role in the look and feel of your space. Think about it – we build buildings with windows because they provide us with beautiful views, warm, natural sunlight, and of course, warmth that comes through from the Sun’s rays. However, this warmth and heat can sometimes overpower a space and make things a bit too uncomfortable.

Don’t settle for a hot space – instead, cool things down without obstructing the natural light and the natural views of your space with 3M solar films. Here at Zenith, we’re proud window film services in Singapore – we work with both residential and commercial clients to ensure that their home, office, apartment, or storefront remains cool, comfortable, and climate controlled.

Zenith Window Films in Singapore, our goal is to ensure that our clients can take advantage of the robust technology and durability that 3M™ window film has to offer. Each piece of window film is delicately measured and cut to size to guarantee a perfect fit. This technology is designed to keep unwanted light and heat intrusions at bay, while giving you the chance to enjoy the beautiful view before you.

  • No view obstruction.
  • No light blackouts.
  • No excess heat.

Our 3M solar film comes at an affordable price to ensure that keeping your space cool and comfortable never comes at a premium. For maximum solar protection, leading solar film technology, and the very best service in Singapore, Zenith is here to deliver.

Reflect Sunlight Effectively
One of the biggest perks of our 3M window film is that it effectively reflects sunlight according to a specific set of wavelengths. While most of us are unaware that our Sun projects a varying degree of rays across a spectrum of different wavelengths, Zenith has been hard at work determining the proper wavelengths to repel and reflect away from your space. These are the wavelengths that could potentially draw excess heat into your space.

Typically, the wavelengths that our 3M window films repel and reflect are wavelengths that could potentially harm us. In addition, these wavelengths tend to produce infrared light, which generates heat and makes a space feel warm and uncomfortable. Remember, it’s always critically important to ensure that the space you’re in – whether it be your home or your office – is safe and comfortable.

Our 3M solar films Singapore help to reduce the risk of skin disease that is often associated with these types of wavelengths. Conditions that could possibly result from UV overexposure could be drastically reduced with our window films.

We use multi-layered optical films that contain roughly 200 individual layers which work together to block out dangerous and heat-inducing wavelengths. Together, our multi-layered approach works to more effectively reflect harmful Sun rays than any other dark film currently available on the market – not to mention, it also ensures that your space remains well lit with beautiful natural light.

At Zenith, we’re firm believers that both private homeowners and business owners should be able to ensure that their spaces remain cool, comfortable, and filled with safe natural light. With that said, we’re the largest supplier of 3M window films Singapore for both residential and commercial use.

We cover all residential and commercial use cases, and we’re proud to work with clients across these areas. Each and every window in your space is carefully and meticulously measured and documented. From there, our expert window film specialists cut each piece of film to size and install it seamlessly, leaving no gaps or points of intrusion.

Don’t forget, our window films are also shatter-resistant, ensuring that your space is always safe from intrusion and security vulnerabilities. For the very best residential and commercial window films in Singapore, choose Zenith today.

At Zenith, nothing is more important to us than pursuing the benefits of technological advances – especially when it comes to our 3M window films here in Singapore. In order to ensure that our product is functional and aesthetically pleasing, we’ve adopted the use of nanotechnology in the construction of our window films.

With more than 200 layers of optical film built and stacked on top of one another, we use modern nanotechnology to make a product that offers durability and longevity. Not to mention, the use of nanotechnology also helps to improve the level of protection that our 3M window film has to offer.

With Zenith, you can count on stronger windows, safer windows, and sturdier windows that are ready to stand up to the threat of external hazards, security vulnerabilities, and heat intrusions. And don’t forget, with a slightly darker film, you can enhance your safety and privacy protections without giving it a second thought.

One of the added benefits of our 3M window films is that they offer enhanced privacy without sacrificing your view or the beautiful natural light that fills your space. Through the use of advanced and modern nanotechnology, we’ve created a product built on a multi-layered approach. With more than 200 layers of individual pieces of film, we’re able to selectively isolate wavelengths that generate heat or wavelengths that could result in UV overexposure.

This approach allows warm, safe, and comfortable natural light to fill your space, while blocking out the wavelengths that you simply don’t want. From there, you can take advantage of added privacy.

With just a slightly darker window from the inside, you’ll be surprised to see just how much privacy you have from the outside – even with all of that natural light coming through. Perfect for shielding off heat and giving yourself a bit more privacy, our 3M window films are ideal for any type of home or office use.

Looking for 3M solar film in Singapore? You’ve come to the right place. Zenith is here to help.

Not sure which 3M window film is right for you? Don’t worry – our team here at Zenith would be happy to work with you and find the right solution. Not only do we measure and cut each piece of 3M solar film to order, but we also can provide you with a variety of add-ons and variations to ensure that all of your needs are covered. Take a look at the table down below to learn more about the specifications that come along with our 3M window film. Why Install 3M Window Films? Are you on the fence about installing 3M window films in Singapore? If you are, allow Zenith to help you make the right decision. Take a look down below at the major benefits that our 3M solar films can provide for residential and commercial clients.
  • Blocks out harmful UV rays up to 99%.
  • Reduces room temperature by as much as 2 to 5 degrees.
  • Enhances the protection that your windows can offer with shatter-resistant technology after installation.
  • Offers a multi-layered and metal-free construction supported by proven modern nanotechnology.

WE Are Experts @ 3M Window Film Services In Singapore

(Residential & Commercial Purposes)

Zenith’s 3M film is designed to reduce solar heating effects. Its robust technology and durability keep unwanted intrusion at bay. Moreover, the 3M solar film price is the most affordable on the market even with its visual appeal.

Our 3M solar film in Singapore provides best rates with maximum sun protection. Moreover, Zenith leads with its products in Singapore because of the latest technology in solar films. Nanotechnology has improved the products. In addition, it made them more popular.

The 3M window films are designed to reflect the specific kinds of wavelengths. This wavelength may harm us. Also, it reduces the infrared heating caused by the sun. Moreover, this helps to protect us from various skin diseases. Such conditions result from UV overexposure.

These multilayered optical films contain about 200 layers. Which work better at reflecting harmful sun rays than any other dark film. Now, you can enjoy the comfort of cooler rooms and well-lit interiors. Because light is not compromised for sun protection with 3M window film in Singapore.


Zenith is one of the biggest suppliers of 3M solar films in Singapore. We cover all residential and commercial purposes. In addition, they are also resistant to active shattering. This is how they protect you from any unwanted intrusion from the outside for Safety& Security Purposes.

The 200++ layers of optical films are based on modern nanotechnology. In addition, this improves the protection offered by the 3M window film. Moreover, the metal-free approach in 3M solar film in Singapore enhances maximum durability. So, the windows are made safer and more sturdy against outer hazards and heating. Also, it enhances safety and privacy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that we are the lowest prices in 3M in Singapore for selling 3M solar films? If you want to spend more on spending with Authorized Dealers, you will easily pay more than S$ 400 – 1000 ++ more.

Save More Money with Zenith Window Films today in such a turbulent market condition.

The 3M solar film warranty covers any peeling, bubbling, delamination and discolouration.

Zenith Window Films will cover a warranty of of 10-15 years for fixed and sliding windows and 3 years for casement (swing) windows.

Place has to be dust free and clean before installation.

(Not under renovation dusty stage). If place is dusty and not clean, we cannot proceed.

Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) is a metric that describes the total amount of solar energy (comprising UV light + visible light + infrared rays) that is blocked from passing through the window.

When you compare the heat rejection performance between film brands, you should be looking at the Total Solar Energy Rejected(TSER) metric, and not just the Infrared(IR) Rejected metric.

A darker shade of 3M Prestige Window Film (PR40) can reject more heat than a lighter shade (PR70).

Do check on Total Solar Energy Rejected Specs Data.

Zenith Window Films – 3M Prestige Window Film provides Authentic & Bar codes to verify directly with 3M if they are original

As a company, we have the authority to decline any customers. It is our goal to provide Excellent Services to all customers with respect and sincerity. Therefore, any customers who may cause problems for Zenith Window Films will be subject to rejection at our discretion.

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