3M Window Films Singapore For Homes/Offices

3M Prestige Window Films are effective in keeping rooms cool and well lit even in the warmer seasons.
These window films come in 4 variations to choose.
They have different ratios for light reflection capacities that range from forty percent to seventy percent.
Prevent 97% Infrared(IRR) Waves from causing overheating and keep the natural hazards outside.

3M PR 40

40% Light Enter

3M PR 50

50% Light Enter

3M PR 60

60% Light Enter

3M PR 70

70% Light Enter

3M Window Films Singapore filter out 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays. This includes both kinds of rays UVA and UVB. These rays are responsible for fading out the wooden items in a room. UV rays harm the wooden furniture and flooring after long exposure. It lowers the wood’s visual appeal and quality. These window films help to protect people and wood interior altogether.

3M Prestige Series reduce the infrared effect indoors. It reflects about ninety-seven percent of infrared heat back and prevents it from entering through the window.This lowers the temperature of indoors more quickly.

3M Prestige Series are widely used for homes- HDB/Condos/Landed Properties in Singapore. They are effective in keeping the house interiors cooler. 3M Prestige Series do not compromise the amount of light entering the room when reducing sunlight penetration.

This way you have well lit, comfortable rooms for any kind of place.

These solar films provide about sixty-six percent of heat rejection for room windows. The persistent quality of the window films is maintained throughout any kinds of windows. Unlike most dealers which fake the value of heat reflection, Zenith’s products provide proof. They have extensive research to back them up. 3M Window Films are ideal for home or office windows with a fifteen-year warranty against any kind of damage.

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