Window panels could turn boring if you don’t wish to use blinds or curtains. Transformation of this important interior element of your home is possible by using frosted window films. They are easy, classy and beautiful. Available in a myriad of designs and styles, they add a much-needed tint and texture to the glass windows or doors. Not only do they offer privacy but they tremendously enhance the beauty of your abode.

Avoid the passers-by who can just peep through your window without having to compromise with the natural light for the privacy you desire. Say goodbye to curtains and blinds that need frequent maintenance and care. Affordable, beautiful and easy to put on Window films are today available in breathtaking styles.

Benefits of using Frosted Window films

– There is no doubt that the Films add privacy to your space while adding value to the entire aesthetic feel.
– The modern-day glass films block up to 99% of UV rays that even the thickest curtain and high-grade blind cannot achieve.
– Adhesive-free films are easy to apply and remove as when you want to change them they will get off the glass surface easily without leaving any residue.
– Affordable replacement to actual frosted glass windows for that designer home look.
– Adds safety to your home as in case of storms the windows and glass doors shards will not enter the house.
– Glass films protect your furniture from the fading by direct sunlight and the glares on the glass that adds to the visual comfort.
– Let the windows look beautiful as they are without adding messy curtains and blinds.

Decorative your home with the new found style
As a perfect modern day alternative to curtains, these glass films beautify the entire home and let the natural light come in without compromising on your protection against UV rays.

Today window films come in tremendous designs that add a uniqueness to the windows. Allowing you choose the way you want to create a real frosted window look. A low-cost replacement of a real frosted glass these patterned glass films add a spark to the adobe. Choose the ones that complement your style, furniture, room décor and add a wonderful change to your adobe.
With customized glass films available, unleash your inner artist and add these mess-free films to your windows.

Over the years, adding these films received a lot of acceptance from just card windows to the home windows. Now styles in a more buyer friendly way, these films add lots of aesthetic features to the home and even the commercial space to create a wider feel by using glass partitioned cubical that are made private by using these films. Let the outer season be felt right from your homes comfort while you see the autumn leaves falling from the trees.

Adding privacy to the windows, these films offer you an undisturbed view of the surroundings making you feel living in a more quaint and natural environment.
















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