Tips for Deciding Best Window Films and for Enhancing their Longevity


This technique is developing for years and nowadays what you see is the years of struggle done for developing perfect Window Films. Window tinting is not only a style statement but is more of a necessity. Recently the focus of people has shifted to the concern that how long such tints will stay. Each part of the car has its specific time to wear out and the same is the case for any kind of window tints. These have certain mileage after which fading starts. All you can do is to take care so that they stay perfect for a long time.

How to Work on the Longevity of the Window Films

There are various factors when considered that will increase the efficiency of window films.

Brand and Quality:

High-quality window films offer increased lifespan because they last longer due to their high material and better manufacturing. While low-quality tints will not only wear out but will also start showing bubble appearance and ripples. A quality tint comes with a warranty and stays perfect for many years. You can buy high-quality tints at low prices from Zenith window films Singapore.

Exposure to Sunlight:

A low-quality tint will wear out sooner in heat exposure than a high-quality tint. Poor tints are not able to handle extreme conditions and high-quality tints will perform effectively for a minimum of 10 years. We offer its customers high-quality tint windows.

Maintenance and Care of Window Films:

We have suggested a few points for Maintenance and Care that keep your Window Films Fresh and Efficient for Longer

Do not let any sharp object scratch your window. If you want to invest in scratch-resistant tint, then Zenith window films Singapore is happy to help you and offers discounts through using their services of installation of window films.

Finally, you have installed a window film in your home or business space and are enjoying the privacy and other benefits that come from it. They are a smart and cost-effective way to reduce the amount of sun that enters your room or office, which results in saving energy and money. Decorative window films on glass panels in offices or at home are a subtle way to make the space look more classy and modern.

Taking care of a window film is easy, but there are a few vital tips that one should keep in mind.

  1. No Ammonia

All window films require cleaning on a regular basis. Windows will have dust, fingerprints, and smudges on them. Use a mild cleaning agent, making sure that it does not contain ammonia. Ammonia can discolor the tint of the window film and reduce adhesion. Also, in the case of decorative window films, avoid using bleach for cleaning.

  1. Use Soft Cloth or a Sponge on Window Films

While cleaning, if you use a harsh piece of cloth on your window film it is sure to leave scratches behind. Thus, always use a soft cloth or a sponge with a mild cleaning agent, to clean your window films. For best results mix dish soap with warm water and use with a soft piece of cloth or a sponge.

  1. Professional Installation

This is very important. Make sure that the installation of window films in your home or office space is done by a trained professional. If it is not installed properly, the window film can be distorted and look unpleasant which will definitely lower the aesthetic appeal. Ask your agent about previous projects and visit the site if you can. Also, a professional agent will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect film for windows according to requirements and budgets.

  1. No Sharp Objects

This one is very obvious, but also very important. Do not use any sharp objects like razor blades, scrapers, bristle brushes, etc. while cleaning the window film. Sharp edges will scratch the film beyond repair which can only be rectified by replacing the film for the whole window. You will have to make a call to your installation agent for this.

  1. Remember and Keep in Mind

The window film may not require fancy maintenance equipment, but it does need regular care and precautions. Your window film, be it solar, security, or decorative, needs your attention.

Window films have amazing benefits in their simplicity. They block the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, which ultimately decreases the heat and light in the room. It is reducing the electricity bill for cooling and saving energy too. It provides an aesthetic appeal to your home and office, making them look more professional and stylish. Custom-made decorative window films are the trend of the time. It increases the privacy and security of your space from weather conditions and other factors that may affect you from outside. Also, they help protect the items inside your home or office as prolonged exposure to heat and the light of the sun can damage goods and furnishings. It is truly a smart solution.

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